Coming soon...

Little MISS or Little MR?

Either way, this Mom-to-be is GLOWING!  

Thank you Carmen for sharing your evening with me.  





Soon to be 5!

TWINZIES are on the way!

Two identical, tiny, healthy baby girls have arrived since these images were taken.  I had to keep it a bit of a secret.

I found out about these wonderful additions some time ago.  Such a huge honour to be asked to document the growth of this family again.

Heather, you are an absolute SUPERHERO! I know this journey has not been an easy one and you have travelled along with amazing strength, patience and grace.

Big bro Aiden has also been a big help.  You too Dad!


And this last photo sums up this happy family.  Seriously, such a HAPPY tribe.

I can’t wait to meet Miss Rowan & Miss Kate.  Aiden would hardly look my way when we did our first photos together… he is now giving me high fives.  People, THAT is why I love what I do, building trust with the little loves.  It means so much to me.

Big love you you five!!